Today we check out Keene’s new KAC Hookah system as we interview dredger Jeff Riley. Then I present learn how to substitute the pull string on the Honda water pump motor. Then we do some dredging in New Hampshire and discover a couple of small pickers. A.G.P. S02 E07

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  1. My cord broke on my last trip this past summer and the smallest socket in my possession was 11 mm. The horror. Luckily I found a prospecting angel downstream with a 10 mm and I was able to make the repair by tying a square knot. Later I bought some nylon clothes line at the hardware store, but now, thanks to your video, I'm going to buy the commercial starter rope. I also like the suggestion of having an extra starter assembly ready to go because I wouldn't be surprise if my snowblower gives out during the next big storm.


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