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  1. For the love of Everything good, can you do a video on how to make sure we get the fork? I read for a few hours and what I could gather was that nothing needs to be done? I can keep the ether on my ledger nano s? I’m so confused…

  2. Does the ethereum hard fork mean that there will be new ethereum coins? And after the launch of the new coins, will the value rise fast just like with the bitcoin hard fork (bitcoin sv doubled in value in a few days)

  3. You just hating on ethereum because you want xrp to grow, with all the good news last year xrp still at 36 cents we keep on complaining about banks ripping us off everyday but once the banks bring out a coin we all start riding their dicks, I'm an xrp holder and i believe in the coin but because of it's high manipulations and all there's a high chance we're al being ripped off and it might be too late before we realize that.


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