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  1. Thank you for your amazing TA man. That wave 3 is going to be the trade of the year.if I can catch that 78.6 leveraged 100x I'll quit my job lol jk but you get the idea it's going to be amazing

  2. 7:03 that M that prints on the right in this chart is the 'middle' of a repeating cycle with eth. It signals 'get ready to load up' Because the price will drop, go flat for a good few days for 'loading up' before entering the next pump phase. I've seen this happen several times, and although I can't be exactly sure, it very likely to have a 'final' price drop before going bullish. If you think of it logically, this phase signals to the big guys to stop selling, since that is what they have been doing all month. Now everyone comes back from vacation to buy at a good discount LOL

  3. I can't help but think you're wrong on this one Sam… so it's either 1. starting the larger 3rd wave, or 2. going to make the C of the X… either way, more upside is expected. And, for the whole bear market you've been saying that there's no reason to buy in, and what you're looking for is a 5 wave impulse, and then you're looking to long the 3rd from the 0.618… well that's the exact situation ETH is in right now. The phrase "paralysis by analysts" comes to mind. Just buy in and move your stop up to break even.

  4. What would you all recommend? Iā€™m longing ETH and have been dropping my avg with every market drop and plan to accumulate more @ sub 200 if it happens again. Impossible to forecast but when is 100x?! Thanks boss appreciate the TA my dogg!

  5. Hey Sam, I see a bigger picture here. From the top $364 , can't you argue that we are just getting 5 clean waves down and we are in wave 4 right now in an ABCDE with the 5th to go. We are in a symetrical triangle right now in my opinion. from the top you get a 1 then a 1,2 with the long 3 ending at 191 and now we are in wave 4. If this right that would mean further corrections down in the future.What do you think???


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