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  1. I have been occasionally checking out your channel for quite a few years, but it has been even longer since I actively played Eve (where my handle originated). Before starting this playlist I am wondering how much I am going to recognize.

    Back in the day I was a horrendous PvPer that was banned from fleet fights with the coalition in the last Null Sec alliance I joined (my remote rep scorp may have repped an enemy and jammed my FC by getting targets reversed). But, as a care-bear I could fly every non-gallente T2 sub battleship and every Caldari sub-capital, both in terms of character and player skills. I had the character skills for the Caldari freighter and dreadnought but had never actually flown either. I even ran a profitable high-sec POS and a profitable mixed high/low sec PI supply chain (which was a fairly new feature at the time). In short I was a pretty advance care-bear like 8 or 9 years ago.

    Edit 6 minutes in: Gallente being interesting because of the asymmetric ships actually kinda hurts. The fist big graphical refresh where they redid most of the ship models made all the Caldari ships symetrical (or very close to it) when prior to that refresh, Caldari was notable for having exactly one symmetric ship larger than a frigate (the Drake)

    Edit 12:15 : The first person view is useless for anything except stealth bombers. You can also manually pilot the ship by double clicking in the normal view which is very useful for maximizing traversal relative to multiple enemies if you are the tackler in small group combat.

    Final edit: the agency screen is new, I can't decide whether it looks like a good idea or not.

  2. I kind of wanted to give Eve a try for quite some time, but was a bit overwhelmed by what I heard about the game. Your tutorial gave me the courage to start. Thank you!

  3. I would just like to say that you do not stop in space when you stop accelerating. You keep moving at the same speed forever, or until you crash. The only way things can actually "stop" in space is to flip the ship around and counter thrust until the relative velocity is zero. This is my problem with EVE and most "realistic" sci fi. If you have purple and green blobs with antennae eyes for aliens you don't need realism. But when you have pompous manga humans posing as aliens and are obviously trying for realism you really do. Getting movement right should have been the first step. Then radiation,. life support, temperature extremes and so on. You can't fail at all of these things without losing my interest. And I have tried. Just…no.

  4. I immediately bumped into alpha clone restrictions right after buying a single salvage drone to start the game with. I went to use it and… Oops, that'll be 500 PLEX. Per month. 20$ just so you can loot corpses at more than a snails' pace. To clarify: Standard enemy drop is usually worth under 1k ISk (Metal Salvage) Actually salvaging the looted corpse nets you anywhere from 10k to 200k ISK in scrap components. But it takes several minutes to loot after a fight, without access to drones.

  5. protip: just dont.

    p.s. Ive got a bunch of stuff I'd sell cheap in Amarr. If you want it, just make me a director in your corp and I'll hook you up with some nice bps and hangers full of mats. I'll transfer everything.

  6. 6:30 You're Canadian so just pronounce it with the e at the end.  If it IS in fact  the incorrect pronunciation and someone calls you out on it you can just claim to be saying, "Gallente, eh."

  7. So excites for this serries since i literally started playing last night. Your tutorial vids for Stallaris console helped me love that game so i know these will do the same!

  8. This game would be great IF you can have mobility of your ship like in Freelancer or Galaxy on Fire for flying around. This will make the pvp battles more interesting and skill dependent. Probably when team up few people to operate one freighter or something like that. Now is just exploration.

  9. Is there a point to hop into EVE at this point? I love it, its beautiful, but was always intimidated by it and its been out for ages now, people have a good headstart. Back in the day i heard that skillpoint come with time, so the longer you play, the more buff you can get.
    Can someone who just starts, achieve everything that the veterans have done years ago, and get some hood ships? Not titans, because they cost a ton, but decent battleshis and stuff.
    Tldr can i join now, and be competitive and not suffer from joining so late?

  10. noone will ever play this game if they dont fix 00. blackout = cant see shit, (even in wh its bothersome, while there you can control the entrances.) cyno usability nerf = noone ever will use jump freighters anymore. bombers and force reckons are just too expensive to be used as fuel.) and noone ever will use the space they have for ratting, or whatever, since you can no longer ask for help, therefore absolutely no reason to play in teams. capital hp nerfs = because why the fuck would anyone use a ship which costs billions of isk, and thousands of real life dollars, with years and years of training time. (dont come at me with the injector bs… or i will simply say its a paytowin shit game atm)… fuck ccp for these bullshits. TL;DR: PVE in subcap and cap is done for, living in null is done for. soon pvp will be done for too, because of no targets, and noone to get the materials to build shit, since noone is mining exept in highsec. (highsec online) Unsubbed all my accounts. Hurts like fuck after 10+ years, but oh well.

  11. guide is all over the place dude…
    i mean you need a script,your mind and comments just drift towards shit we dont need to know.
    why mess up with keybinds,we dont give a shit on how you arrange your keybinds so spare us,pity new players watching your video,you just fucking them up with nonsense.
    video disliked,like 100%
    stop making videos dude and stop sniffing coke,talk to fast and you giving everyone a headache dumbass.

  12. Good tutorial. I've just gotten back in the game after a 7-year hiatus.

    Some things to note:
    You can also lock a selected target by just hitting Ctrl.

    Mission flavor text sometimes appears in local chat too. There's a starter mission where you are supposed to scout and leave, and the instructions to get away from the very powerful enemies come up in the chat. I almost started warping in and out to take on the bad guys with a thousand cuts when I noticed it.

    Mission locations also appear in the mission details of your Journal.

    Be careful about afterburning. Some ships are able to orbit faster than their turrets can turn to aim and you'll start missing.


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