Let me refresh you on all of the information (that we all know of) concerning the Starbucks partnership with Microsoft and Bakkt. We might potential see Starbucks accepting Bitcoin as early as 2019. Let’s get into it!

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Starbucks May Open the Doors for Bitcoin Payments In 2019

Starbucks May Open the Doors for Bitcoin Payments In 2019

Intercontinental Exchange Announces Bakkt, a Global Platform and Ecosystem for Digital Assets

Coinbase Quietly Opened Its OTC Crypto Trading Desk This Month

Coinbase Quietly Opened Its OTC Crypto Trading Desk This Month

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  1. Nice job Aaron. Here's the thing though. You know, everybody complains and complains about Bitcoin, and how the Big "S" got it wrong, and how it's too slow, and it won't scale…blah,ba,blah. In my opinion, it's because we got it all wrong. Bitcoin was meant to be the first, the store of value, the digital gold! It doesn't have to be fast, just rare and valuable. and if we stopped trying to turn it into a game/competition of who can setup up the biggest mining rigs, and just use the thing as the base and NOT to buy coffee for our already attention defecate little faces. We can use the other coins and technologies they're based upon to there fullest. In the end, I think it will all shake out. But lest we not forget where we came from and some perspective on what having a new asset class really means. But, I would totally buy some Starbucks with crypto just to do it! So I get the point, LeVeLS. Just sayin'

  2. Thanks for the info. Its still a pipe dream. Starbucks/Bitcoin NOT going to happen………….it takes me 1 hour to transfer some Bitcoin to another address about an hour for 1 confirmation ;(

  3. I don’t know who’s who but there’s a difference in the initial “alright…”
    I like this one better, more engaging
    Thanks for videos, always great content 👌🏼

  4. Whats with the habbit to put 2 reactions under a comment?. Great video btw , ohio accepts taxes from companys in bitcoin and canada als accepts bitcoin in a way. And now this . How can you not invest

  5. bitcoin sucks you got to pay a fee if you buy a coffee. You telling me a person will use fiat to buy bitcoin then use that bitcoin to buy a coffee . Seems like a stupid idea to me. not to mention the fee coinbase charge also a fee when you pay for the coffee.

  6. Its not that big at all…. If you did your research on it you would know this so dont make it out to be something its not… Its a step in the right direction is all it is…. Plain and simple… Your imagination have run off with this one…

  7. Starbucks, I am understanding, will not be actually accepting bitcoin. "Accepting Bitcoin" sentence is misleading. Instead, bitcoin will be instantaneously converted to fiat at the point of sale before you get your coffee. Bitcoin converted here! Still, this is a good news.

  8. You would get double taxed on a coffee purchase if you bought it with bitcoin. You pay sales tax and an additional security trade tax. Unless you just have a massive amount of bitcoin sitting around, it doesn't really make sense to use it for coffee.

  9. Lets talk crazy cheap fees: "Someone transferred $99 million in litecoin — and it only cost them $0.40 in fees. $99 million worth of litecoin was sent in a single trade on Thursday. The transaction took just two-and-a-half minutes to clear and cost only $0.40 in fees.Apr 23, 2018"
    It's silver to BTC's gold…

  10. Hello, im kind a new to crypto but allways curious. Could you or anyone here have a look into and share your opinion about these 2 Projects?
    — Tarko International, Agau.io
    — Platincoin PLC
    Anyway thanks for sharing your knowldge!


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