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  1. Typically what I like doing:

    Each day I will calculate out my electricity cost (easy to do with a Kill-A-Watt meter) and pull whatever out for electricity for that day. That will go into a wallet and sit until its time to pay the bill in which I will sell off whats needed at that time and any left over is bonus. Now that does depend on pricing/profitability as it can go both ways but that's the name of the game. It's ultimately up to the individual as to when to stop/resume mining.

  2. Cool! Vid!! I'am looking for a Trusty Web site that take Bitcoin and pay in money to a bank account. Not in USD In CND i'am from Quebec city. I was using quadrigaCX but it is close. Now I am looking for an alternative and I do not find it. Help me PLZ.i have to spend a little bit of the crypto i mine to pay my electrique bill.

  3. Is it smart to mine on nicehash?

    What do you do with your rigs?
    Like do you mine and hold or mine and dump
    What coins would you mine to hold other than ethereum or monero

    I am using mining pool hub for auto exchange monero to btc am doing this on my single 3 card vega 64 rig

    And i have a gaming pc with 1080ti going on nicehash on x16r

  4. I have 10 of these cards and mine ethereum all the way. 910 Mh/s between all of them. Earnings about .087 eth per day and 2620 watts used(cards only). I am earning around $1.21 to $1.37 per card per day, so I'd switch over to ethereum. I am recording these in spreadsheets which I can share if you want.

  5. Not to take away from your journey man, but I'm sure Bits and BuriedOne have already posted videos/streams where they were able to get more efficient numbers on ETH. Bits has been able to mine multiple algos under the 75 watt area. Can you imagine if the GPU companies designed some GPUs to run just off the PCIE slot with plenty of HBM2 memory?!? The proof of concept is already there. You could have a whole 12 GPU rig only pulling 1k watts from the wall and be getting some respectable hash for very little power.

  6. Miners are minors, also in general, Radeon VII is not a loud card if your using it for normal tasks, and you undervolt it, which also gives you more performance, it's just as quite as an RTX 2080 if not more

  7. What, you do advertisement or just trow money on the window ? Ure talking to a pro ( or many). Ure not talking for fools. Even 1 Radeon 7 ( ~$1000) card cost cannot mine on profit even with BTC price rising in last week ! Have patience, we might resume the mining after ETH price is reaching ~$350-400 ! About noise ? My Tahitis are about 50 decibels but thats with both fans running and temperature is about 57 or even below 50 if is winter time ( my record on that is 46 when outside used to be about -8 celsius) !!! Dude, ure gonna have ROI before 2025 or some. I am not buying hardware anymore, its a sinister manipulation out there 🙁

  8. 280 watt total system is fairly low for a 300W TDP card, is it downclocked or undervolted or not fully used?
    I have heard all these stories about power hungry Radeon 7, but this is in the same league as a 2080TI and the 7 could be faster in some work loads.

  9. You say "loud" but maybe Canadians have a different definition, that rig was quiet 😂 I sleep next to six D3 Asics and fifty cards with my free utilities though, so maybe just different tolerances

  10. Hello… you dont use the cards right search youtube for “im not an apple fan” see his flick and learn how to use amd cards … he puts his card at 50% max fan curve you dont need to get 100% you need to undervolt … dont worry it wont hurt performance. Mining is still worth it?!by the way if you want to switch cards i have 1080ti gaming oc from gigabyte for your r7 😁


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