This is News Now TV and News Channel 428 and in addition We Are 15 different Christian News Channel’s We Report the The Real News and Truth and Facts and The Bible and we are going to preach the phrase of GOD and we are going to Report the REAL NEWS AND TRUTH Regardless of should you might prefer it or not.

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Video’s have been particularly licensed by the copyright proprietor. We are making such materials out there in an effort to advance understanding of The, News, environmental, political, human rights, financial, democracy, Christian free speech, scientific, and social justice points, and so on,

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Last Reversal Took a Long Time:…
Solar Hydroclimatology:…
Electric Currents N/S: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c…
High Altitude in Mini-Ice Age:…
Hubble Galaxies Colliding:…
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TY WindMap:
Earth WindMap:
GOES Satellites:…
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WE AIR THE NEWS IN ORDER TO REACH AND INFORM AS MANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD AS POSSIBLE WITH THE TRUTH. WE REPORT YOU DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH THE INFORMATION AND PLEASE TAKE NOTICE AND READ. IF We Air a Video from another person, IT IS BECAUSE We have PERMISSION To accomplish that. IN ORDER TO REACH AND INFORM AS MANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD AS POSSIBLE WITH THE TRUTH This Christian Channel Has Many Different News, Teaching, Preaching, exhibits.. Just like an everyday TV Station. We have many alternative exhibits day-after-day YOU might watch what you discover fascinating to you. and remark, But be a Civilized Person any cursing, or insult’s or different hateful feedback shall be eliminated. ALERT IF ANY movies Offends you, then DO NOT WATCH IT.. .THIS Channel will NEVER be Politically Correct. we are going to inform the REAL TRUTH Regardless should you prefer it or not.

and we are going to report on all the pieces, together with the next

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