I wish to take this chance on this video to share my gratitude on behalf of the #Crypto neighborhood to #BitcoinCash and all of it leaders for selfishly beginning a conflict over management of their community which brought about us to interrupt the ground we’ve been establishing for months and possibly prolonged the bear marketplace for weeks and even months…

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This video is my very own opinion, not monetary recommendation. I’m not a monetary advisor and I’m not chargeable for your investments.

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  1. If only the real satoshi came out and called out pussy ass craig. Always love your take jeremy in the space thank you! 2 questions for you though: 1. Do you think the bakt launch will have any effect in the market? 2. Whats your strategy at this point, are you hiding behind any particular coin? You the man jeremy, keep the vids coming!!

  2. Nope. Bitcoin Cash and all the other scammy shitcoins like XRP TRX XVG should all get flushed out. All that money could be used to improve BTC's liquidity and real crypto projects like NEO ONT ELA.

  3. appreciate your content! If you look at the SMA's, this cycle is playing out nearly the same as 2014 bear market. I think this has little to nothing to do with the split, rather whales trying to find the news to dump on… with that said I have skin in the game and love crypto, believe it will come back in price and adoption 🙂


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