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  1. Hey Adam. Do you ever get harassed by dogs when you're running? I used to ride a bike around a lot and it got so I never left the house without a holster with a can of bear spray. It may have saved me a couple times due to it's changing my confidence in the situation but it certainly saved me from getting mauled by a couple pit bulls one time. I blasted the most aggressive one full in the face at point blank rage. The other one was less aggressive and would have bitten only if the other one was biting so I gave that one only a very quick shot. Anyway it's amazing how they instantly lost interest in me, just like flipping a switch. The less aggressive one did a 180 and ran back to it's house and the one I blasted point blank, I could hear gagging and started staggering blindly back in the general direction of it's house.

  2. What I really love about Electrum is that you do not need to keep your electrum wallet on your computer or any electronic device for that matter. You can just for convenience. You can also download and erase your electrum wallet whenever you want and it has no impact on your funds. All you need is your seed phrase. As long as you memorize that, you can travel anywhere in the world and then just download electrum and use your seed phrase after you arrive at your destination. This way, it is impossible for TSA agents to seize your brain, where your funds are stored.

  3. Bitcoin holder of last resort understands sound money, un-confiscatable, censorship free, immutable and intellectual sovereignty! Shitcoinery understand fancy graphics, flashing blinking lights, snake oil and promises of launching your house to the promised land with rockets by a guru. Now Lets Go Bitcoiners!!

  4. Adam. Did you notice that the Venezuelan government forked Dash to make the petro coin? They didn't fork Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash….nope, they forked Dash. Probably because Dash works beautifully for point-of-sale and its instant payments using masternodes. Are they still trying to get lightning network out? LOL Dash has had lightning for years now.

  5. Do you think eventually, people will stop talking about "Bitcoins" and just talk about Satoshis ("Sats" in slang I'm sure.) Maybe once Bitcoin hits a million bucks. It would help alleviate the psychological problem of people owning fractions of a coin.


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