This market buying and selling evaluation applies to numerous exchanges, together with Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can attain 20okay once more and if we will likely be seeing a crypto foreign money market restoration this yr. Things just like the lightning community have offered big enhancements for BTC and whereas it’s true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (bcash) might disagree, I do see these blockchain expertise improvements to be very bullish elementary indicators for the house.
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  1. I was at a family birthday last weekend.. 1 year ago.. people who barely know how a computer works where talking about bitcoin.. this year, they were pretty much making fun of themself thinking btc would ever cut it and they were pretty much just talking it down πŸ™‚ .. i know we can go lower… but this boosted confidence in me that i should probably buy some more πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. if Crypto can be analyse by the chart then how you explain the etheruem jump from $5 to $1400 in 1 year threw the charts . Crypto cannot be predicted by looking at the charts all the time . and the bottom is a place were very few knows its the bottom . if your saying $1100 and $990 is the range then thats not bottom for me .

    the most common sense bottom for me is the $3100 cause most people think bottom is lower than that and the rest are skeptical about $3100 is bottom . so with that said $3100 make more common sense as a bottom

    and also i dont think the whales and institutions want bitcoin price so low so broke people can afford it ..

  3. Been watching bitcoin community and gold community for a while. I can say the most stupid people are in bitcoin and need to live. Gold people always say buy now it's going higher. Bitcoin people always say do not buy it's going lower. This stupid people have to clear the space and go find something else to invest until we have a new ATH and they are welcome to buy again.

  4. Got to say. I love your vids and this wss an excellent perspective. Not what most are saying at the moment but appreciate that you offer a very balanced view point. Personally still waiting on a final capitulation but would love to see a green february

  5. Bitcoin markets do not like uncertainty and that is what is keeping that majority of the money on the sidelines right now, both for retail investors and for institutional investors. Until we receive regulatory clarity on the issues of token classification, tax amnesty, custodial solutions, ETF approval and so on the majority of the smart money is going to stay away. This will take several more years to iron itself out but I fully expect the market to recover within 6-18 months and for us to see new all time highs near the summer of 2020. The "halving" event that happens every 4 years psychologically pushes people back into Bitcoin because of the perceived scarcity and further deflation.

  6. Why are there so many more longs then shorts? the bulls believe too much in the bottom from weakest bounce in btc history. The market will be pushed down more and more until longs give up

  7. A potential loss is more scary than a missed potential gain… For this reason buying pressure is less intensive than selling pressure.

    You will not see the same dynamic upward as the collapse we got from the top at the beginning of 2018…

  8. The market works in cycles and 2013 is somewhat replaying but that is no guarantee we expect a complete repeat performance as looking critically at the general trends shows we are in on the longest bearish trend in the history of cryptocurrency but unique circumstances may make the outcome differ much. The stagnation and fluctuation around the $3,600 region in m opinion is going to expand but with a downward scope to below $2,000 and eventually, the cycle may kick in and thing may or may not begin to get better. I placed emphasis on may because 2019 will be a very turbulent year from which crypto may not recover and would see a lot lose hope but also see lots of smart people make incredible amount of money off crypto. I'd like to advice to stake a small percentage on a few select coins while acquiring and trading more bitcoins for profit but not GPU Mining new coins believe me that seemed like hardcore marketing to me. About trading, this prevailing trend provides a great time to make a lot of money but you have to be careful especially if you lack anything less than expert level experience. My suggestion here is to find someone who is very good and successful with trading and then copy his signals, strategies and patterns. Its as simple as that. A group of friends and i do that with Samuel Garcia's signals and strategies and i was thrilled in our last hangout when i summed up our profit which was over $40,000 this year already. So do not be frightened by the happenings in the crypto space currently as there are still ways to turn profitable while still learning something in the process. You can contact Samuel Garcia(samuelgarcia1481@gmailcom) if you need guidance on any crypto related issue


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