The new 2018 MacBook Air has lastly been launched with an up to date design. I’ve been utilizing it for the previous week and go over specs, battery life, and if it might even be used for 4K video modifying utilizing Final Cut Pro X. #MacBookAir #MacBook #Apple #macOS #FCPX

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  1. The opposite of what I’ve been waiting for. Still an unreliable terrible keyboard (still reports for 3rd gen) and it’s overpriced as hell and has 2 ports.

    128gb of storage is a joke… specially for 1000$.

    With a better keyboard and a better price like 1000$ for the 256gb snd 1100$ for 512gb I would totally buy one

  2. Having the dimmer screen is a problem for me. I would not mind the 300 nits if I could manually make that happen. But only get that in bright sunlight. Also I like True Tone. If there was a software update that allowed me to get max brightness when I wanted that would help.

  3. Great review and insight. I debated this new mba and the Macbook Pro and went with the new mba. The Touch ID and updated keyboard made a big difference (the 3rd gen keyboard is NOT on the current Macbook Pro without Touch Bar). The form factor is also just more enjoyable, although all Macbooks are thin and light. Price was important, and I get that debate. But I don’t need to edit videos or render files so this is perfect. After buying a surface pro 2017 and hating it’s performance and windows 10 I was thrilled to get back to Apple/MacOS. I would have never noticed the dimness of the screen unless I watched all these videos…I highly doubt most people would either.

  4. Hello I want to get my son a Mac. He is a computer science major with graphic design minor. Which one would you suggest with specs please. Please include older models too if you feel better option? Thank you

  5. I personally think the base air model is perfect for the average person… and IF you see yourself needing more storage go buy a portable external HD for 60 bucks which typically starts at 1TB of storage! Don’t spend an extra 200 dollars for a measly extra 100 gigs of storage which chances are for anyone that actually needs 256 gigs will need an HD drive anyways lol. Also the base model MacBook Pro is a MacBook Air without the wedge and Touch ID lol. There are so many add ons needed to really get the full PRO experience!

  6. They really are robbing us on the price/storage. I have all apple products but for the first time I’m thinking of replacing my 2010 unibody with a Windows pc. I was able to get for 650 Canadian on sale a 8th Gen i5 with 256gb ssd 14 Asus in a metal chassis. It would cost me and all of you almost TRIPLE TO GET THE SAME with the Air. Pure robbery and I’m sick of it.

  7. Now if you buy an MacBook Air 2018 version. Just know apple blocks every third party OS to be installed on your Mac. Even if you turn every "safety" feature off. You will not be able to have any third party OS on this Mac. And that sucks

  8. What most people don't understand is that this laptop is NOT made for editing. Is made for students ( writing, files, browsing, and so on 😀 ) So yes, it will not perform brilliantly with editing, but will sure as hell let you open multiple files and browsers and do a hell of an essay <3

  9. @zollotech how your geekbench score is so low as compared to others macbook air????i have also checked it on internet but they have above 4000 sore on single core.

  10. Ok this question goes to all of u macbook air (2018 version) users. I'm experiencing a really bad time with my webcam on the mba 2018, it does not look like 720p HD as stated on the specs. Looks like im using a potato for a webcam. Please reply if you're having the same issue

  11. Hi Aron thank you for your amazing video as always!!! I bought the new MacBook Air and it's perfect for student like me for education purpose like university and college, I run pretty much econometrics and economy software like Stata, Matlab, R, Python, Jupyther and the user experience is amazing!! I recommend it for everyone who has a necessity of a light and a thin laptop with great battery capacity.
    This Laptop is your best choice if you don't need to do works like heavy video/music editing.
    Mac OS outperform windows in any aspects.

  12. I bought and love this computer. The keyboard is excellent and is quiet although most reviewers say it’s noisy. They must be very heavy handed and should develop a better typing technique. I can actually type much faster with this keyboard. I type about 65-words a minute and go even faster on this keyboard because the keys don’t go down as far. I love the improvement. I had a 3 1/2 year old Air that died from black screen and I decided not to fix it since this new model just came out.

  13. I would be using this for mostly word processing, my concern would be my library, logos bible software. Here are the recommendations they give for Mac, OS X 10.11 or above 2GB RAM 30GB Free Space , this is the minimum requirement. I currently have a PC which I built myself, I still can’t believe that it works. I would be using this with a monitor, I need something I can unplug and take with me. What would you recommend, God bless.


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