Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 have a greater camera than the Google Pixel 3? We put these two prime Android telephones via a sequence of photographic challenges and examine the leads to each class from low mild to portrait mode to 4K video high quality. See plenty of side-by-side comparisons from the wide-angle lenses, together with the ultra-wide lens on the S10 and S10 Plus, in addition to what selfies seem like from each telephones. Plus, learn the way Night Sight on the Pixel 3 compares to Bright Night on the S10.

Galaxy S10 vs. Pixel 3: Which camera is greatest?:
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus evaluate:
Google Pixel 3 evaluate:

Galaxy S10 Plus evaluate:
iPhone XR vs. Pixel 3 camera comparison:
Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL evaluate:

Lexy Savvides:

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  1. So, did anyone try to install google camera on the S10? I understand that there's a lot of software enhancement on pixels phones. If you could use that on the S10 I think that the photos would be even better.

  2. In my opinion, the S10 takes nice pictures, but I don't like the Ultra wide angle lens. The distortion makes it look like I'm looking at the image through a prism or something. Also the S10 images are too warm making them look a bit washed out color wise. I'm still a Pixel fan and still prefer the Pixel images over the S10.

  3. I bought the pixel 3 yesterday and will return it tomorrow. Fanboy won’t like to hear that but the reason is the camera lol.
    Video recording is crap with the pixel 3. Frame drops and lags on the camera app and despite the specsheet no 60 FPS Fhd videorecording.possible. You get to choose between 30 FPS and an automatic mode where the software decides whether it will record with 60 FPS or 30 depending on the lighting situation.
    I recorded with my 2,5 year old iPhone 7plus and the pixel 3 simultaneously. The 7 plus recorded buttery smooth without any lags or hiccups. The pixel had framedrops and some kind of smearing when you moved the cameras fastly. This is unacceptable for a flagship model.

    On the other hand I gotta admit I liked pure android (been on iOS for a while now). Everything is fluid, gestures work but are not intuitive and should be optimised. BUT still the software feels like how should I say?
    You do have the feeling Google installed their Apps over Basis functionalities a Smartphone system offers. Eg gallery, calendar etc.

    You scroll through your gallery and wanna play a Video ? Click on it and wait a quarter of a second to a second for the video to load and be played, of course with a mandatory short black screen before the video starts. Man these are details.. i know. But these details do make a difference in the overall experience. I’m spoiled by iOS.

    Opening your gallery in WhatsApp for sending a video file or a picture will first show you loading circles over the thumbnails and then the thumbnails.

    In iOS everything looks like a feature of the os. I never saw a loading circle in the gallery. Installing an app will make the app like a part of the os.

    The privacy settings of google are spread all over the settings and for some cases in the google apps, even online in your google account. It appears like google does not want you to change some settings so they make the setting structures difficult.

    Google Assistent is useless if you change the privacy settings and reduce the data you wanna share with google to a minimum. I can’t ask google assistant for the weather if I don’t activate the web protocol for my google account lol

    Android is okay if you aren’t bothered by this. Heck I’d keep the pixel if the video recording was good.


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