The US Government has pressured Google to cease doing enterprise with Huawei and withdraw its license to use the Android Operating System, that means Huawei telephones is not going to get Android updates and lose entry to the Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail & Maps! So will this impact you, and the way critical is it?

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  1. Update:
    – Honor hasn't confirmed it's been affected, but as a subisidary of Huawei it will likely be. However their launch of the expected Honor 20 will still go ahead tomorrow.
    – Other companies including Intel & Qualcomm have CONFIRMED they are cutting ties with Huawei.
    – Developing story – I will update this as more information arises.

  2. I have been planning to buy a new phone and I will still buy Huawei regardless of this issue. However, I do have a concern; It is great that Huawei will develop their own system and app store for future phones, but if Google Play gets banned, how will we be able to download and update apps on existing phones? any thoughts on what kind of solution there might be?

  3. So right as my Google Pixel XL decides to bite the dust and I start looking into Huawei phones for their impressive and seemingly unbeatable cameras, I find out that they will basically be useless to me. Lovely.

  4. Being an owner of the Huawei P smart 2019, should I just get a new phone or should I keep it because pretty much the phones won't work properly without updates. The phones will be outdated easily.

  5. I think if you are american.. you better support google’s choice.. this whole things about to protect american market and jobs you might have.

  6. I want to bye a huawei p30 pro bit know when i know about the google play store and everything else I’m not shore to bye it or bot what do you think I should do???? Please help I don’t know what to do know if I’m gonna bye it or not, what should i do know??

  7. Your videos are awesome but this one rarely tells anything that we really want to know.
    – So Can I install YouTube or Google Maps on a Huawei phone or not? (
    – Can I log in YouTube with my Google account?

  8. I do own a Huawei smartphone. To be precise, I'm owning the P8 Lite off 2016 I believe. I was somewhat thinking of wanting to buy a new phone.
    But whith this happening, I don't really think this is going to happen. Because I don't want to switch to another manufacturer, since I like the phones of Huawei.
    And I think I would rather wait a few more years for example then I would buy phone of another manufacturer. I just like them to much.

  9. If I understand recent phones like honor 9 lite and the oldests will still get access to Google except the new ones. Well the next time if my phone dies is time that change to Wiko


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