Here is my 2 week overview of the Mate 20X! And for the primary time shortly, my EPIC FAQs are again! Your questions answered on Frankie Tech! And keep tuned on the finish for the traditional Quick Question Round! And a remaining query that reveals my subsequent video on the finish. Thanks for watching! #Mate20X #HuaweiMate20X #Huawei

Time codes for the video:
zero:49 – 2 Week Review
2:32 – How a lot did you pay for this cellphone?
three:51 – How does it slot in a pants pocket?
5:26 – Is “Gluegate” affecting your unit?
6:54 – Which model is healthier? L00 or L29?
eight:33 – How lengthy does it take to cost this cellphone?
9:32 – How is headphone/bluetooth efficiency?
10:20 – Call high quality? Reception?
10:58 – How do I get this cellphone? LTE Band Support? Where to purchase?
14:19 – Whats the cope with the Mate Pen?
20:30 – The FINAL Question! (And subsequent video reveal!)


  1. Time codes for the video:
    0:49 – 2 Week Review
    2:32 – How much did you pay for this phone?
    3:51 – How does it fit in a pants pocket?
    5:26 – Is "Gluegate" affecting your unit?
    6:54 – Which version is better? L00 or L29?
    8:33 – How long does it take to charge this phone?
    9:32 – How is headphone/bluetooth performance?
    10:20 – Call quality? Reception?
    10:58 – How do I get this phone? LTE Band Support? Where to buy?
    14:19 – Whats the deal with the Mate Pen?
    20:30 – The FINAL Question! (And next video reveal!)

  2. uau dude you say some really silly things with regards to the pen and apple pencil. So just because you are unable to use them you think that nobody is… I absolutely love the note 9 ´s pen and since mine was stolen yesterday I am now wondering if I should get this device or the note 9 again. Since the mate 20 x does not come in the box and has to be carried separately it seem I will be sticking to the note 9 after all which is a shame because I know the camera of the huawai is far better.

  3. The SPen is far from a gimmick, tho. I use the GIF feature on my Note 9, daily. The direct crop, live, note, app selecting and mouse abilities are unmatched. I really like this phone tho. This would just replace my OnePlus 6. Debating on this phone or the OnePlus 6T

  4. I got mines from eBay from a Hong Kong dealer with a pen for $850 and free shipping which came within a week. The phone is awesome and am still learning it's multiple features. I've yet to get the nano memory card which is difficult to get in the US. Works well with TMobile and the reception is a tad better than my Samsung S9+. I find that some of my app doesn't work well because it's a newer Android version and the app is older.

  5. Hey Frankie, I noticed on your review you never mentioned anything about the desktop mode feature.. The ability to wired and wirelesly project the phones display onto any Hdmi connected device is surely a winning feature. Ps, love your reviews bro……

  6. All smartphones are unlocked, without contract.
    All smartphones install global software, with Google Play service, and support OTA updating
    Please ensure your SIM card is compatible with the smartphone's network bands, to check your SIM card carrier's network, please click here.
    The both China version and Global version have Google Play store, and support 100+ languages, but the China Version is from Shenzhen, the Global Version is from Hong Kong. It from description. What diference buy chn or eu Version? Couse chn Version is cheaper and also support all bands

  7. great review buddy. got this phone two weeks ago and it's really best and BEAST. my charging experience with this phone took only for 1 hr and 12 mins. I'm gonna upload my unboxing and test of this phone hopefully within this week or this weekend. great video share buddy. you've got me. happy vlogging and have a nice day.

  8. Hi! Prices over here in the USA are ridiculous for this phone. Could you provide a link where i can purchase this same model for a good price? Also, will google stop working when updates are due on this phone? Thanks

  9. Thanks for a great review!!

    Please can you advise me on how to create sub folders or Albums in the Photo Gallery. Like, Home Pics,
    Office Pics, Fun Pics, Whatsapp Pics, Home Vids, Office Vids, Whatsapp Vids,

    Same way as Samsung allows to make sub folders in the Gallery, plus transfer of Photos and Videos from one folder to another. Is that allowed on Huawei Mate 20 X.

    Please advise, as I am intending to buy this Phone.

  10. Your pants look like soccer moms lol..
    This phone is garbage compared to the note 9 the only thing it has going for it is an inch bigger screen and a decent camera everything else is either poorly implemented or just missing…

  11. After much debating with myself I finally decided to purchase the Mate 20 X, it is a lot of money I will admit, however Frankie I hope you will think the phone will cover the 3 main things I look for in a phone these days.

    1. Good Battery
    2. Good Camera
    3. Good Sound to listen to Music while On the go.

    What do you reckon Frankie? Do you reckon this will be a good choice? It will be replacing the Pocophone F1 which to me has done a very good job over the last 5-6 months, however I just need that extra Oomph even if it means I'm paying top Pound for it.

  12. The 20 X is great phone, indeed. I had it in my hands a few days ago at a shop.. a wow to look at and handle, best in class, amazing design and build quality, fast, beautiful design, spectacular cameras, absolutely insane screen. BUT, software bloated like no other, MIUI (horror), countless shady apps doing services in the background that NO ONE knows what the hell they are for, locked bootloader, a nightmare to root and….. its a Chinese phone. Aka, this is a beautiful malware, spyware and backdoor swamp for China. Thats all it is.. and expensive at that. Sorry, no thanks. Not now, not ever.


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