We’ve been utilizing the the OnePlus 6T for simply over three months now so its time of our traditional long run person evaluate! Everything from its velocity to digicam have been examined and we work out whether or not its sturdy sufficient with no case. And how does the OP6T carry out vs the Pixel three? This is not a easy unboxing so let’s discover out!

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Review unit offered freed from cost by OnePLus. This video is sponsored by Cooler Master. As per Hardware Canucks pointers, no evaluate path was obtained from producer. All buy hyperlinks listed within the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON financial affiliation.

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  1. I have a Oneplus 6 (non T) and I also have severe google pay issues. I had just assumed I was holding it wrong or the places I went had faulty readers, but this makes a lot more sense.

  2. Great review. I'm a first gen pixel XL owner. It's been the best phone I have ever owned. Since photography is a big hobby of mine, the Pixel has helped me capture some great pictures. (Yossi.salgado, Instagram). It is time to retire this phone. I'm glad to hear I can expect good things from the 6T. Even better is that finally, it works with my carrier, Verizon. The value vs money is really incredible. I would buy the Pixel XL 3. The price is insane and the price hasn't really come down. Especially with Pixel 4 coming. No we that Oneplus will take in trades, I have no reason to look at any other cellphone to buy.

  3. Hardware Canucks have grown to become one of my favorite hw tech review channels, if not the best. Straight to the point, no nonsense and just overall good. Keep up the good work!

  4. Why isn't dimitri doing the review? he has the 5T and the 6 as a daily driver. perhaps he didn't liked the removal of the headphone jack and moved away from oneplus phone?


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