Watch as Arie takes the Pixel 3a XL round for a full day. She does a Pixel 3a evaluate and assessments the Pixel 3a digicam, the Pixel 3a battery life and rather more! Be positive to go away a like and a pleasant remark for Arie’s first cellphone evaluate!

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  1. I think having a headphone jack is actually quite a big deal. It saves you a good amount of battery as it doesn't require Bluetooth. Also, wired headphones themselves need no charging and they're better bang for the buck in terms of audio quality

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  3. Honestly this is what the iPhone XR should've been. Great camera with performance that the average user won't see the difference. They even managed to give the phone a better display too.

  4. There is like 37 power users on the planet so I'm sure this phone will be fine for the other 7 billion people out there. Been using the 3a for a week now and noticed no difference compared to my pixel 3. I did however echang it for the 3a XL I like it much better and I get an extra hour and a half of battery life. Grate phone if your thing about getting it, you should


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