ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW concerning the Samsung Galaxy A40’s high options, construct and display high quality, battery life, efficiency, and digicam picture high quality in a brief and candy video.

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  1. You got your "Thumbs Down" about a minute in… when you foolishly said "It Doesn't Have Water Proofing" GET REAL.. what $250.00 device does?
    You go out of your way to find SOMETHNIG NOT UP TO FLAGSHIP LEVEL What? do you think we are stupid? it's a GREAT phone for $250.00 get Flagship Off Your Brain.. Or, just stick to testing those. Samsung has stepped up it's Mid-Range Game.. How About Some Credit For That…

  2. If you're in the UK you can purchase this A40 from major retailers for ~£220 and claim £40 cashback directly from Samsung at the moment making this a £180 handset! Promotion is running for about another week. See links to cashback from the phone on sites like John Lewis, Amazon, AO, Carphone Warehouse etc.

  3. I like the size, compact, easy on one hand. If it's availabile in Malaysia, I would buy it. But the downside, the battery is small, only 3,100 mAh.


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