Microsoft stunned us with the Surface Duo this week. It’s the long-awaited Surface phone that has been rumored for years, and in an additional shock, it’s working Google’s Android working system. The Surface Duo has two 5.6-inch shows that fold out right into a eight.Three-inch general display screen, and it’s simply four.8mm skinny.

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  1. Hope they make a faster way to answer calls.

    Pull phone out of my pocket, open device, swipe up to answer.
    Nice to be able to see who is calling and talk from the outside of the device.

    I probably will buy either way.

  2. Why not have more options for the Surface Duo, where everyone can make their own choice regarding operating system. As a choice can make an operating system, one wants Android, and the other wants Windows 10. They have already done the development with the Surface Neo that runs on Windows 10 X.

  3. Gonna fail. no front facing screen of any type. Flips had one just for a single line of text of number or user. People will get annoyed of having to open the phone to see it's just a robo call.

  4. a few years ago at work I was talking to guy and pulled my 930 windows phone out of my pocket, he looked amazed and said "Wow you have a windows phone" in a holding a laugh back tone, then I pulled my 950xl out of my other pocket and he fell about laughing then said "no seriously my mum loves her windows phone " :-)) Finally a windows phone that won't get you laughed at 🙂


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