Do you REALLY must spend $500+ on a smartphone? Probably not.
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  1. Just say Ur Taiwan Vid… U should get the official Software for Reading the SIM… I'm ma Country there is a Pendrive which Reads SIM… Its name is Mobile Partner… U should install the Software in PC for the SIM to work…. U can make calls , Text… It reads SD Card too…. I think u should make an Vid on it…. It's like kinda Low in price too

  2. I bought my Moto X4 for $280 last year, and I still think it's a great choice. It has a micro SD slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it uses USB type C. Comes with a fast charger. Not amazing battery life, but it's more than good enough. For $120 it's a no-brainer if you don't want to play elaborate 3D games.

    Get yourself one if you have a crappy/busted phone and you're on a budget.


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