Some safety consultants have warned Canada about doing enterprise with Huawei, or working with it on 5G technology. The firm has been accused of having ties to Chinese espionage actions.

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  1. I have my data goooooogel yourself u are your own data do u think u know me well refuse f u do then I will give u my data but u have to prove me 1 if u think u have questions

  2. Heck isn't there laws in Canada that protect consumer rights regardless of a company's obligation to its controlling parent company if based abroad over data security? Why not use Canadians in every department if Huawei is allowed to install 5G in Canada? Then CCP in China is highly unlikely to ask a Canadian CEO to pass over sensitive info.
    Of course, don't forget to have the 5G equipment inspected thoroughly and meticulously before installation.

  3. She looks like an evil super villainess! I can tell she is greedy enough to do business with evil Iran! This should be standard punishment for anyone dealing with global enemies. Lock her up and throw the key away!

  4. It’s laughable to speculate that China will use its most-valuable company to conduct cyber espionage instead of using anonymous hackers. All it takes is just one such a case to end Huawei period. Has it happened so far? None. Even Snowden said NSA has exploited Huawei’s company network backdrop 7 years ago but has found nothing. There are plenty evidences revealed from Snowden that US has been spying on even allies, such is the case of Angela Merkel. Upon her request, Obama had instructed NSA to stop eavesdropping on her personal communications.

  5. Rubio is lying. Apple opens any phone, they just want an official request.
    This is about the NSA/CIA's ability to spy.–That's it. They spy on Americans, Europeans, everyone really. Huawei equipment will make it harder for them to have software or hardware backdoors installed.

  6. cyber threat has long existed since the day we online. so stop saying cyber threat in all the accusation. just admit that you cant accept when someone is doin better than u

  7. The judge should have granted bill in the first hour of the hearing yet he accepted all those ridiculous excuses proposed by the prosecutor and kept her in jail for four more days.
    Just how can she run away and to where? To the States / the north pole?
    Why kept her in jail for 5 days before the bill hearing?

  8. Countries the US forces to ban Huawei should sue for compensation from the US. After all, they are doing all these for the US why should they suffer losses.

  9. A Chinese citizen has been arrested in Canada for violating us laws. Are you americans' dogs? You all canadians are American dogs? Or is the Canadian government the dog of the American government? Since it is a dog, please put on your dog chain, from a Chinese citizen's heart

  10. " The company has been accused of having ties to Chinese espionage activities.
    " Accused doesn't mean guilty. Also, someone remember the Edward snowden? Who is actually the biggest spy? I wonder….

  11. Canada does not know how to do business. China will eat Canada alive and spit him out and Canada will say "Thank you, may I have another one". China has over 1.3 Billion people Canada about 35.6 Million. Canada has way more to lose than China!

  12. 4G belongs to United States’ AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. The world's countries pay more than 10,000 trillion yuan in copyright fees to the four companies in the United States. China's 4G pays US$100 million in annual copyright fees to US companies. If the countries around the world switch to Huawei 5G, the United States will lose more than 10,000 billion yuan of foreign exchange each year, which is set at 20% of the annual GDP of the United States.
    Therefore, the United States will not allow 5G in the world.
    the United States will destroy Huawei to protect the interests of the United States;
    i.e. stopping the loss of at least 20% of USA's GDP.
    What a big bully !!!.
    Let the world know the true & ulterior reason for USA's insistence on bringing down Huawei.


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