After the demise of Jesus, his followers break up into two factions. They held radically totally different views about their chief – his identification, his message and his imaginative and prescient of the long run. One of these factions flourished beneath the guiding genius of St Paul – and ultimately wrote its model of the story within the Gospels of the New Testament. The different faction withered and died away, forsaking no written data. But what if the losers on this energy battle had written their model of the story? The Real Jesus Christ reconstructs that misplaced biography of Jesus: an alternate model of his life as it could have been instructed by those that misplaced the battle for the succession, however who knew him higher than anybody else – his closest followers and his household.

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  2. I am thinking of that Simpsons episode where they think they find an angel skeleton and Lisa starts to believe…but in the end it was just a publicity stunt to open a new supermarket

  3. What if the real Hebrews had won the power struggle"?? We probably wouldn't have this modern day enslavement system, like the central banking system, the military industrial system that benefits from on going wars around the world, the alteration of true history to hide the identity of true Hebrews as well as the information of an advance human civilization that existed all over the Globe Thousands of years ago, The Masonry System that hides the true artifacts that archeologist have discovered throughout history for the purpose of controlling this world and creating a "one world economy", and most importantly the "Holocaust of the Black Race and the Native American Indians, and the genocide of certain races that continue to happen even in this present time in history..etc.. All of these facts are comparmentilized to create division amongst All races. Meanwhile, the powers that be continues to pull the strings from behind the curtains and they keep us devided by race, economic status, religion..etc.. Stay Woke people!! Don't believe the hype!..👍

  4. James, the brother of Jesus could be same James the brother of John. Both are sons of Zebedee and relatives of Jesus and could qualify as brothers of Jesus. Remember during Jesus last hour in the cross, Jesus entrusted His mother to James younger brother John and together with it, His authority. It is only by this entrusting, that James could possibly claim leadership of the movement for he has power over his younger brother John. By this event, it becomes clear that Jesus has no brothers or sisters to entrust His mother, except His relatives.

  5. Seems to me that these guys in this video have, to a large extent, made up their own version of the "Real Jesus Christ". In fact, by Paul's own account, much of what he held about Jesus he got confirmed from the Church in Jerusalem. In the vision that he had on the road to Demascus that led to his conversion, Jesus did not give him a lot of information. Instead, by Paul's own account, he went into the wilderness for three years and then went up to Jerusalem to confer with Peter, James, and John. Later, he returned to Jerusalem to recheck his own teaching with them and, by his own words, they added nothing to it.

  6. IF the apostle was lyings they will not agree to such a horrible death unless they were really belief of what they were doing no one waste his life for lies. this documentary real evil

  7. This is a LIE! This is from the Evil one! This is not scriptural and is not the truth! I read the paragraph from the author under this video and knew immediately! Satan is the Father of ALL LIES and he is working overtime.

  8. If your theory was 1% correct why when Jesus has lots of supporters no one willing to fight and is he smart or stupid that have no plan and let himself die like this. what rubbish analysis you have and why some trying to save him. and if there is 1% fact of what you saying where is Jesus body

  9. It is well known there was strife between Paul and the other apostles. You clearly see that in his writings. I see a few comments stating this is all lies. You can see even today that many Christians have differences in how they read various writings/scripture. I have even been in churches were people split over petty differences. It is why we have different denominations today. We have Baptist, Catholics, Lutheran, Church of Christ, non-denominational, etc…..I will agree that Satan likely tried to divide the followers BUT he could not keep the word from spreading. He knew he could not stop it but he likely knew he could create a divide and slow the spread of the word. How better to tear an army apart than to split their ranks. If we all put aside our petty disagreements and actually came together as one, were would we be today and what would our world look like. Take the blinders off folks. This is history. It was not all sunshine and clear skies and it is not today. Christians have disagreed and even fought shortly after Christ ascended into heaven.

    Folks seem to forget that the only real truth we should all get behind and preach is that Jesus is Christ the Lord. He is the true son of God our Father. He died to take our sins on himself. He was the perfect lamb and the sacrifice that gave us all a chance for salvation. Its a gift. You have to except the gift. You open the gift by studying the word of God and spending time in prayer.

  10. Jesus was actually a Buddha. and if anyone truly knows the complete bible, not the edited bible. It is littered with details of Jesus's enlightenment. The complete bible further provides information on how average people can become enlightened.

  11. The apostles were simple people . They were not able to understand and draft the doctrine of Christianity .
    It is like why do we need lawyers . Because most people realised it would be a disaster without one .
    Paul with his special knowledge of the law was needed . Only he could understand how Jesus fitted into the law .
    As Jesus said , he came to fulfill the law . What is the implications . None of the apostles were versed in the law to understand it .
    Because you need this understanding to formulate the doctrine of the church .
    Or else Christianity would result in following the Old covenant.

  12. Jesus never wanted to start a new religion, he would be horrified today if he found out. Jesus was an Orthodox Jew who said whoever modifies one letter from the Torah and would teach otherwise is punishable by heaven.

  13. Please elaborate on who created this "documentary". Most probably pseudo "Christians" called Evangelist, but not for sure.. Please tell in order not to waste time of the watchers….

  14. Daniel 10: 6 His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude.

  15. All religions are superficial. Contrary to popular belief, Christianity as we know it, is the brainchild of a man named Shaul who later became Saul and then Paul. His name makeover is enough to tell us of his dubious past. A mass murderer Jew who instigated the stoning of St Stephen and saw no qualms in sending hundreds of Christians to the arena to entertain Paul's Roman Masters. Paul snubbed the Jewish community and preferred to rub shoulders and mingle with the Romans. Take note Paul never, I repeat never walked with or talked with Jesus and yet todays Christians subscribe to his skewered teachings rather than that of Jesus. Paul's disappearance to the desert for a lengthy period of time was a result of being spurned by the Roman society. He became dejected when asked to excuse himself from inner-circle conversations by the Romans. Paul then reappeared. claiming he met Jesus (actually it was only a light) who supposedly aid to him, 'Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me'. Now, where's the proof and witnesses? Paul further claimed that the light blinded him for 3 days until he had to seek a cure from a physician named Salinas from another town. Now, since when did Jesus go making people blind and leaving them in that state. Do not believe what the unholy church teaches you. They are all in cahoots with the fallacious doctrine of Paul, endorsed by the unholy Vatican. Paul compromised the laws sent to Moses to placate the unholy Roman Empire just to bring them into the fold. Jesus has nothing whatsoever to do with the Paulinists riding on the coattails of Jesus. Wake up you blind Paulinists !!!!!! You've been duped big time by the greatest con artist of the century.

  16. I bet I know it is in a dying sun in eye of fire purified holy Spirit out eye a dying sun bore the FATHER I AM ALL FATHER SON HOLY SPIRIT Jesus was good he said threw eye only way to the father adopted back whole of image in genders known of knowledge return sons daughters in mature genders known. As Adam created whole in image then Eve out of Adam now half the whole of image of one eye mirrors the other in half truth of the whole without doubt God must see eyes of just and Beauty path to Paridice be known . Split a piece of wood I am there lift a rock you will find me . Threw all of life remain true and just one day he finds you after awake then still must stay just and true to see sea split Paridice returned to adopted back whole of a son or daughter returned book of life written in eyes of each. Full circle of life without ends . Last supper one anyway is all desipiles mirrored like gohts mirrored and Jesus wasn't because he was whole. . Circumcision rediculuos and what we eat is important and water in the body is kinda protected as it's the temple


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